1. Magnesium in Disease Prevention and Overall Health
2. Anticatabolic Effects of Ketone Bodies in Skeletal Muscle
3. Habitual Dietary Calcium Intakes and Calcium Metabolism in Healthy Adults Chinese: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
4. Ketone body receptor GPR43 regulates lipid metabolism under ketogenic conditions
5. What Is Sunifiram?
6. Can Ketones Compensate for Deteriorating Brain Glucose Uptake During Aging? Implications for the Risk and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
7. Impact of Ketosis on Appetite Regulation-A Review
8. Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy Treatment
9. Exogenous Ketones Lower Blood Glucose Level in Rested and Exercised Rodent Models
10. Clinical review: Ketones and brain injury


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